Natural Voices Choir

Fun, inclusive community choirs for ALL

Join us!

No auditions. No sight reading. If you love singing you’re in! All voices welcome.

Natural Voices choirs are based in Walthamstow and Woodford. Come and sing your heart out, make new friends and laugh until a little bit of wee comes out!

You’ll love being in Lizzy’s  Natural Voices choir

Each of Lizzy’s  Natural Voices choir is a strong community of amazing people from all walks of life with a common interest – singing. As well as making an amazing sound together, we give support to each other, from recommending a good pub to backing each other’s ventures – or just being there for each other. It’s a wonderful feeling being part of it.

The sheer fun and enjoyment of singing

Joining us each week will help you de-stress, grow in confidence and no matter how new you are to singing, your voice will improve. Most of all, you’ll have fun. You can sing a solo or just be part of the big, bubbly sound. Many of our shows are for local charities and events, but we also get a bit fancy and do stuff in the West End too.


Natural Voices Soloist, Cynthia Samuels

What Can I Expect?

Relax! So you are thinking about joining the choir? Here’s what you need to know. There are no auditions. Absolute…


Natural Voices Choir
Natural Voices Choir with Lulu. Photo by Marina Chichi
Natural Voices Senior Youth Choir
Natural Voices Rehearsing for Take That. Photo by Marina Chichi.