What Can I Expect?


So you are thinking about joining the choir? Here’s what you need to know. There are no auditions. Absolute beginners are very welcome. There is no need to sight-read, we learn by ear. For the first few sessions, we are not interested in listening to and judging voices. As long as it feels good and seems comfortable that is the best possible place to start.

  • We begin with a chance to relax, clear the day’s worries from your mind and realign your body, releasing tension with gentle breath work.
  • Then we ease into our funky warm-ups devised by us, especially for the group.
  • Moving on to small sections of easy songs.
  • Finally a new song to work on which changes every week.

Enjoy the support of your group

You sing in a comfortable, supportive group. You can blend in without feeling exposed or take a solo with our friendly backing vocals. Singing is fun. Sing where you’re comfortable vocally. In our choir there is always a part that will suit you because if it’s not there WE will create it!

It’s great to have a goal in a session and ours is to create a public performance, however big or small, leading on to something more ambitious in the future.

As one of four singing sisters, I know the joy of singing with other women, and the wonderful sound created when voices blend together because you are listening to the voices around you. My wish is for us to stand together and make our voices one sound.

Lizzy Renihan x


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