What Are The Benefits Of Singing?

Regular singing is a fun pass time.

Numerous studies have shown it has many health benefits too.
  • It is great exercise for the abdominal and intercostal muscles.
  • It stimulates the circulation.
  • It may help snoring and sleep apnoea (disturbed sleep) by toning up weak muscles in the soft palate.
  • It promotes a feeling of wellbeing similar to yoga through deep breathing.
  • It strengthens your pelvic floor muscles.
  • It is a way to release pent-up emotions.
  • It increases oxygen to the brain.
  • It may decrease blood pressure.
  • It  reduces stress
  • It may unblock some of the neural pathways that pain travels through.
  • Speaking voice quality improves.
  • It improves articulation.
  • It enhances relaxation, mood and confidence.
  • It increases concentration due to increased oxygen.
  • It gives an energetic and euphoric uplift.
  • It helps reduce feelings of depression through the endorphins released as we sing.
  • It heals the soul.
  • In the right group it can be a bleedin’ good laugh!

So come and join us!

Lizzy Renihan x

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