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I hadn’t realised how much music and singing I’d been missing and joining the choir has literally been life changing. I’ve been able to let the music back in and Lizzy you did that. You did that for me and it’s just been truly amazing. I hadn’t expected to get so much self-confidence as well from joining choir, both in my performance and in myself. I love when we sing together, the sense of solidarity and unity that we have. I think the thing we all get out of choir the most is the love. We are a choir of love. It’s your choir of love Lizzy, and we love you.


What a fantastic session! I really enjoyed it – so joyous and good for the spirit and funny bone.


Thank you so much for changing my life. You bring me such joy and such happiness every week, with all the performances and the rehearsals. I started this just before I retired and it must now be 6 years later and I am still loving every minute of it! I remember when I first started, someone describing it to me as even better than a glass of wine – so thank goodness we can have both choir and a glass of wine and your lovely self that brings such and joy and happiness to us all!

Caroline Keech

I’ve had 9.5 fantastic years with the choir. You’ve always had so much energy. You’ve been so supportive and inclusive. We’ve done some really great stuff as well, and it’s enriched my life. I’ve learned a lot of stuff that I would never have learnt. Congratulations, here’s to the next ten years!

Claire Price

I send you lots of love and thanks from me, and from everyone else in the choir, and everyone across the UK who you’ve now touched with the amount of joy and happiness and togetherness that your choirs have given all of us.

Clare Farrow

I just wanted to tell you that you have helped me remember the joy of singing, which I had forgotten for a long time. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do for me, and for all of us at the choir.


What has Natural voices meant to me? Well, it’s given me friendships, giggles, amazing stress-busting as we all get to sing our hearts out. But probably the most important thing is that it’s made me feel really safe. Safe to be me and safe to have my voice.

Emma Turner

I just want to say how lovely it has been as a ‘new gal’ to roll up the hill on a Thursday and come sing with you all. What a warm and welcoming lot you are – and to end up at Leicester square theatre 6 wks later, well what can I say….. SO much fun!!

Esther Hardie

Enjoyed every minute of your session. Thanks so much for bringing a little music to LCC.


Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to do something I would never have imagined myself being able to do in a million years (sing on stage in the West End). It was such a great day and actually I really do think we are at home in the West End!!! My family thought we were brilliant. Thanks so much for all your hard work and dedication and for giving us this experience – I for one would never EVER be on a stage without you.

Ginny Parry


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