Adult & Youth Community Choirs

Natural Voices community choirs are unique because we happily combine experienced voices with absolute beginners, even those who have had a fear of singing. We welcome all ages and we usually have a good mix of regulars and new recruits to keep things moving along at a nice pace.

Our ultimate aim is to weave all the voices in your choir together to make you all sound good, so the focus will be on a great group sound rather than on turning you into a professional singer … pressure off! Teaching this way also means you don’t need to worry about reading music. Because, let’s face it, there comes a time when you just need to put the bits of paper down and belt out those numbers!

Sessions are £9 each for adult block bookings and £6 for under 18s. You can pay online by bank transfer or by card machine at your choir. If you have any questions, message Lizzy on 0795 020 4338.