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Hello! And pleased to meet you – I’m Lizzy Renihan, founder of Natural Voices Choirs. And you’ve got it in one, that’s me in the red dress!

Natural Voices Women's ChoirWhat can I tell you about us? I started my choirs in 2010 in a room in an old house in Walthamstow, East London, with a small group of friends who just wanted to sing for fun. Word quickly spread and lots of people started to come along because they had a laugh and liked singing the same kind of songs. We quickly ran out of chairs,
had to get a bigger room and Natural Voices Choirs was born!

We started with a ladies choir, added a mixed choir, then the juniors and the seniors … now we have expanded to other bits of London, down to Surrey and all the way up to the Isle of Mull.

Because I grew up in Ireland in a musical family I know the sheer joy you get from simply spending time singing with other people. It’s soooo good for the soul! Now with two young children myself, I wanted to settle in my community and find something that combined all my passions (singing, song-writing and performing) – and for getting people together to have a good time. Natural Voices fits the bill for me, and for so many of our choir members too.

If you join a Natural Voices choir, you’ll be made very welcome. You’ll have such fun with us, I guarantee we’ll be the highlight of your week!

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“All the concerts I’ve seen over the last three years have a common hallmark – the singers are doing it for the sheer fun and enjoyment of singing, whilst you (Lizzy) are a professional singer who coaches, arranges and administers with the talent and experience you carry within you. You are now passing on your love of music to the community. This is a rare achievement and one that is most inspiring.” – Wayne Pritchett, Walthamstow