Youth Choir

Natural Voices Youth Choir

Running in Walthamstow since 2012, Natural Voices has three youth choirs: our Junior Youth Choir for 5 to 8 year olds, and our middle choir for 8-11 Senior Youth Choir (aka the Natural Voices Youth Collective) from Secondary school onwards.

We believe every child should have the opportunity to sing. Everyone is welcome, there are no auditions and our emphasis is on creating a nurturing environment where our younger members can develop musically, have lots of fun and make new friends.

What we do

We sing a mix of challenging, funky arrangements and loads of current songs. We have lots of fun doing funny vocal warm ups then rehearsing and staging all our specially devised songs.

We always work towards a performance and have sung in West End productions and performed in many local charity shows. The youth choir members grow more confident by the month and it’s wonderful to see them making lots of new friends too.

See our booking page for full details of dates and rates.

Natural Voices Senior Youth Choir

Our approach

There are no auditions for the youth choirs as children are still developing musically. We’ve heard so many stories about children being turned away, thrown out or told to mime in choirs.

These experiences can stay with them for life, and they become adults who avoid the joy of singing because they think they can’t.

A child who has problems with tuning can learn to sing in tune in the space of a few terms – it’s just about being given the opportunity and support. Keep children singing in a nurturing environment and they will improve.

The youth choirs are run by Natural Voices founder Lizzy Renihan. Lizzy has 15 years experience teaching children of all ages in performing arts and is fully CRB checked. You can read Lizzy’s teaching experience here.

Lizzy has been a professional singer for 20 years and believes it’s no coincidence that all her family can sing – they just had more practise than other children. Lizzy’s father taught his kids to sing from a very young age, and they sang everywhere: in the house, in the car, in church, at their uncle’s pub! Learning harmonies was simply a normal part of the day.

See us in action!

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