What to expect

Spine tingling arrangements of your favourite songs

We start with fun warm ups and continue with a really varied programme of easy to learn songs with a real mix of styles to keep it fresh and exciting for all of us.

Founder Lizzy Renihan arranges all the vocal harmonies by ear, including acapella arrangements of pop classics from bands like U2, Duran Duran and Elbow. You won’t hear these songs sung like this anywhere else! “Will it be mushrooms, fried onion rings? We’ll have to wait and see….” Oh yes, she’s prone to throwing in the odd TV advert medley here and there …amongst other ‘seasonal’ things.

You’ll love our comedy songs written specifically for each choir – the ladies choirs have been singing about being modern woman, vajazzing and fish pedicures to name a few.

Our singing community

Group singing that’ll make you feel alive

Natural Voices choirs are unique because we happily combine experienced voices with absolute beginners, even those who have had a fear of singing. We welcome all ages.

We usually have a good mix of regulars and new recruits to keep things moving along at a nice pace.

Our ultimate aim is to weave all the voices in your choir together to make you all sound good, so the focus will be on a great group sound rather than on turning you into a professional singer … pressure off! Teaching this way also means you don’t need to worry about reading music. Because, let’s face it, there comes a time when you just need to put the bits of paper down and belt out those numbers!

Natural Voices choir members rehearsing

Why you’ll love being in a Natural Voices choir

The sheer fun and enjoyment of singing

Each Natural Voices choir is a strong community of amazing people from all walks of life with a common interest – singing. As well as making an amazing sound together, we give support to each other, from recommending a good pub to backing each other’s ventures – or just being there for each other. It’s a wonderful feeling being part of it.

Joining us each week will help you de-stress, grow in confidence and no matter how new you are to singing, your voice will improve. Most of all, you’ll have fun. You can sing a solo or just be part of the big, bubbly sound. Many of our shows are for local charities and events, but we also get a bit fancy and do stuff in the West End too.

Our mixed choirs.
Our youth choirs.