Esther Hardie

I just want to say how lovely it has been as a ‘new gal’ to roll up the hill on a Thursday and come sing with you all. What a warm and welcoming lot you are – and to end up at Leicester square theatre 6 wks later, well what can I say….. SO much […]

Thank you so much for such a fantastic day yesterday. Rest of the summer will be positively flat in comparison. I think we did ourselves proud bearing in mind that we have only been singing together for a few weeks.

Thanks so much for a wonderful day yesterday – I still can’t quite believe I was performing in the West End! It was truly a very special experience.

Thoroughly enjoyed the show, it was lovely. I am now thinking of changing my profession to professional actress and singer, in fact I think we shall all do it!!!

Blown away by Sunday – thank you, you excelled yourself!!!!! I think we Rocked! All my friends and family were soooo impressed. I feel we all gel so well together and feed off and support each other :))))

Just listened to our recording of Rhythm of Life and it brought a tear to my eye. How good were we??????? We belong on the West End Stage!! Well done everybody. We Rocked! Can’t wait till we all get back together in September. Not sure how I’m going to get through the Olympic craziness without […]

Lizzy you were fantastic, my whole family are in awe of you and your enthusiasm. My daughter and I had a ball singing with all the ladies, it’s a pleasure all you ladies are just great to sing with and socialize with and your all so caring. Thanks for a brilliant afternoon, I was on […]

Thank you all for being so lovely and welcoming we have had a total blast in both rehearsals and on Sunday. Our family and friends loved it so much they thought we were all brilliant and one of them wants to join in September. Lizzy you are just amazing thank you for letting us join […]

Tamara Littleton

Wonderful experience! I thought the other Natural Voices choirs were fabulous too, lovely camaraderie. The feedback from my friends who have seen us perform quite a bit now was how much we’ve all grown in confidence and how much we all look like we’re enjoying ourselves. It’s infectious!